Our Mission

Cultivating Healing & Community

The mission of Serendipity Farm & Rescue is to rehabilitate abused and neglected horses by providing them with basic comforts, medical attention, and love. The farm offers opportunities for vulnerable community members to interact with the horses to facilitate physical and emotional healing in both human and horse.

Our Vision

We envision the creation of a refuge where horse and human come together and are healed from the past, have hope for the future, and are equipped to begin a new life.


Our Core Values



We respect the dignity of every person, regardless of ability, socioeconomic status, race, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion or creed.


We actively pursue collaboration and partnerships which are mutually beneficial.


We believe in cultivating a compassionate environment where amazing things happen as people come together for a common cause.


We are committed to providing exceptional services and continual education for our board, staff, equines and volunteers.


Integrity and respect are the foundation of all
of our activities.


We are dedicated to providing care and safety for all people, animals and natural resources held in our trust.

Social Responsibility and Diversity

Serendipity Farm and Rescue is committed in policy, principle and practice to celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion for all. 

We know that diversity drives innovation, equality enhances our corporate culture, and inclusion promotes authenticity.

We affirm our commitment to inclusivity in all we do, and embrace the diversity of humankind with ethical responsibility, acceptance and respect.